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164610, Arkhangelsk region, Golubino settlement, 9

We are on the 189 km of the route Arkhangelsk-Pinega-Mezen (about 3.5 hours by road from Arkhangelsk).
We organize transfer from Arkhangelsk to Forest hotel “Golubino” by prior request.

+7 (8182) 44-14-15, +7 (911) 554-14-15

How to get there:

By plane.

From Moscow and St. Petersburg fly “S7”, “Nordavia” and “Aeroflot”. The journey takes 1,5-2 hours.

By train.

Two trains depart from the Yaroslavl station of Moscow. The journey takes 20 hours.
By train from St. Petersburg, the road takes a day.

From Moscow by car:

5 lifhaks for a trip to Golubino from Moscow by car in the summer:

1) To leave at 3-4 o’clock in the morning on the Yaroslavl highway, the route Moscow – Kholmogory. Yes, early, but you will safely pass all the potential traffic jams, the children will sleep, and you will meet the dawn in Yaroslavl around 7 am.
2) Take a thermos and sandwiches, and be sure to have a picnic in the Vologda region. The fields there are so beautiful and well maintained that you will compare them with European landscapes.
3) About 11 o’clock breakfast in a restaurant after Vologda (or you can take a walk around the city, buying wonderful Vologda souvenirs from butter mills to linen tablecloths).
4) Take an audiobook on the road, preferably an exciting detective story or children’s stories, so that everyone was interested in listening and did not want to sleep.
5) Before leaving to clarify the time of the crossing across the North Dvina in Kholmogory (you can call us and we will prompt) and make the crossing, which is a separate adventure, and you save 100 km of an additional road.
In winter, road services prepare a “winter road” crossing the river Severnaya Dvina, but for a while (in the autumn and spring) the crossing does not work and it is necessary to go through Arkhangelsk.

After the crossing you will have to drive about 100 km along the gravel road to our Forest hotel, where we meet you and feed you a delicious dinner.

The whole road can take about 16 -17 hours.

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