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Forest hotel “Golubino” is located in the Pinega district of the Arkhangelsk region in the immediate vicinity of the Golubinsky karst massif, on the very bank of the river Pinega. The village of Pinega, which is 10 years older than Moscow*, is just 16 km away from “Golubino”.

* We will not mention the age of Saint Petersburg or New York, among other respected cities, just not to offend anybody;)

The distance from Arkhangelsk and it’s airport is about 188 km (lucky number in Chinese numerology, by the way!).

A trip by car from Arkhangelsk will take approximately three and a half hours.

We will be happy to arrange a comfortable transfer from Arkhangelsk to the Hotel per your request.

Excursion program:

Thanks to it’s wonderful location, our Hotel provides a broad excursion program all year round.
You will have a chance to be accompanied by our experienced guides and visit caves, go along eco paths to the waterfalls (not covered by ice 12 months a year!), listen to the history of Arkhangelsk larch, learn about plants listed in the Red Book but still met in the pine forests nearby, and visit the ancient northern settlements of Pinega, Kulogory, Kuloy, Valdokurye.
For more information, see the “Excursions” section.
Excursions are held regularly starting from 10 AM by prior appointment via phone +7(8182) 441416 or at the hotel reception.
The excursions usually last from 10 AM to 3 PM.


You’ll find various accommodation options in the Forest Hotel “Golubino”:
– double rooms in the new hotel building (reconstruction of the building was carried out in 2016)
(“STD”, “Superior”),
– double rooms in the boarding house (“Economy”),
– four-bed two-storey cottages with a living room and a bedroom (“Cottage”) .
On the ground floor of the main building you will find:
– children’s room
– guest hall (with a fireplace), where you can hold business meetings and master classes (up to 10 people), play board games and watch sports games on TV.In the general area there is a cooler with heated water and a tea table with herbal teas.
The total capacity of the “Golubino” Forest Hotel is 31 separate rooms able to accomodate up to 85 people.
Check-in time: 5PM
Check-out: before 3PM
Pinega is in Moscow time zone, which usually equals London time + 2 hours. Time zones in Russia are changing a way too faster than the content of this website, so we would advice you to check that prior to your journey.
If you spend your time exploring the Hotel’s territory, you will also find:
the complex of Russian spa baths (it’s like sauna, but better),
a fabulous wooden town for children with a hill and a swing,
a children’s room,
parking lot,
summerhouses for short rest during the day time,
souvenir shop,
equipped campfires,
camping grounds,
Free equipment (barbecue, skewers, grills) will be provided in case you choose to arrange a picnic.

The Internet:

The free wi-fi zone is located in the Hotel’s restaurant and in the main building.
We intentionally do not spoil your holiday time with WiFi in the living rooms.


There is restaurant (separate building on Hotel’s premises) able to seat up to 80 guests, with the bar,  dance floor, karaoke and billiards.
If you have any special dietary preferences, just mention that while checking in, and we will try our best to take your needs into account.
Breakfast time: 9 AM to 10 AM
Lunch: 2 PM to 3 PM
Dinner: 7 PM to 9PM
Currently, the restaurant is being reconstructed, and pretty soon you’ll be able to enjoy it’s second floor with a stunning observation deck and panoramic windows.
Meanwhile, we apologize for any inconvenience.

The current price list of the Forest Hotel.

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